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Care Home/Foster Home

Licensed Adult Residential Care Homes (ARCHs) provide 24-hour living accommodations to adults, including personal care services, medication services, laundry and housekeeping, transportation to health care appointments, supervision, and social activities. They provide three meals a day, snacks, and may offer meals recommended or prescribed by a physician.Some care homes & foster homes take Medicaid as well as private pay clients, depending on their licensing. For private pay, they each may vary in price, most are billed monthly.  See Below for further details of different types of ARCH's:

  1. Type I ARCHs are licensed for five or fewer residents

  2. Type II ARCH  for six or more residents

  3. Expanded adult residential care homes (E-ARCHs) provide professional health services similar to those provided by nursing facilities. 

  4. Community Care Foster Family Homes (CCFFHs) serve one to three adults who have been certified by a physician to need care in a nursing facility.


Financial assistance? The state has a Medicaid  waiver program called QUEST Expanded Access, which is a managed care program that covers services in ALFs, E-ARCHs, and continuing care foster family homes. The state provides an optional state supplement (OSS) to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients, who reside in CCFFHs and ARCHs, and limits room and board charges for Medicaid-eligible residents to the combined SSI and OSS payment minus a personal needs allowance. Both Medicaid-eligible and private pay clients entering a CCFFH must have a case management agency licensed by the Department of Human Services to coordinate health care requirements. 


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